Slam Poetry – The Warrior Poet

“la désuétude de la poésie” Is poetry dead, resting in peace buried in a few dusty books hidden in the back of the library. Were “the last poets” really the last poets? After we had finished shyly mumbling our little poems in high school, were we done with poetry for good? Or could new forms like Slam Poetry re-open a path to the primordial traditions of mankind.

Slam Poetry

But what about this Slam poetry, are these people really poets, or are they just rappers without music… Can one jabber this way and call it poetry. Poets are supposed to be polite, educated and have a high sense of aesthetics. Slammers are  are rebels and outcasts.

Slam poetry is about speaking words of passion…

The power of the word

Slam poetry is about transforming, speaking words of passion, words of power…

When words are spoken out loud with passion, they resonate in space and in our bodies, thus provoking a strong emotional response. When words become an incantation they moves us, they transform our reality.

Ordinary language uses words in an ordinary way, to describe, to paint a picture, it speaks to the intellect.

slam poetry warrior

Poets use Words of Power – Slam Poetry

Slam poetry is about feeling em-powered in a world where we have often been reduced to feeling power-less.

Poetry is a martial art, an internal martial art; the poet works with energy thru a specific & subtle use of sound vibrations.

Poetry is a martial art, a Kung Fu which requires discipline and precision (ie: Sunra)

The oral traditions of poetry

Slam poetry is part of a tradition.

This tradition pre-dates writing; it is oral by force, but also by will and by nature… Poetry is the essence of the primordial tradition.

This tradition goes back so far in time that we discover its source in the heart of Kaos, in dream time when the world was primordial soup. The first poet manifested in the Logos, at the very first moment of creation.

Primordial poetry is not based in aesthetics, it is a form of primordial Energy/Power. Primordial poetry deals with primordial forces :

– Creation and Destruction

– Kaos & Harmony

– Nature & Elemental forces

– Erotic forces – Attraction and Repulsion (desire – how to attract love – crying over lost love)

– Magick – Incantation – the power to  transform

slam poetry warrior 2

The poet of the oral tradition is in touch with the forces of creation. He deals with myth and archetype, he deals with magick; consequently he stokes the fire of desire…

we had the seasons the sun
the grace and the gods
we had the spirits a soul
our guide and a goal
we had silence a song
dreams and dread
we had a secret a sign
demons and dead
once were warriors
this is a war dance

quote from the poem: Once Were Warriorz by Antony Hequet

Coming articles will deal with Myth and Archetypes, the oral traditions of poetry, with a special focus slam Poetry.


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