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Slam Poetry – The Rebel Poet

What does it mean to be a rebel?  To hipsters being a rebel poet has been reduced to a theatrical display: wearing certain clothes, riding a rusty bicycle, going to certain clubs, practising superficial forms of Yoga, smoking, drinking, taking drugs, staying up all night listening to blistering loud elektro. It is also important to litter the world with cigarette buts and empty beer bottles, ride in planes to various foreign destinations as often as possible.

slam poetry rebel

Naturally, being a slob is mighty good. And let us not forget that a token artistic front is also indispensable between hangovers: singer song writer is very kool but performance artist is also good. Just make sure that it is a completely harmless, absolutely egocentric occupation. In the end when the smoke has cleared, this sophisticated and and careless attitude amounts to an elaborate consumption of world goods (international flights, booze, Ikea furniture) poorly disguised as some vague benevolence… In the guise of a non violent rebellion, we have developed the most advanced variety of conformity: Yo, just surrender and be innocuous!

The Rebel Poet

To me, being a rebel means taking a stand against fear greed and egocentric behaviour. It means assuming responsibility for all that goes on in the world – taking charge of my life. It means Precision and Discipline (quoting Sunra). Most of all, it means connecting with the world’s abundance and beauty. The purpose of poetry is to maintain a state of harmony in the cosmos; it is a spiritual mission. I call myself a Rebel Poet because as I rebel against those who are furiously working at the destruction of our world, I must engage – confront and risk in order to accomplish my mission. This is why I call my self Warrior Poet…

slam poetry rebel

What is Slam Poetry

As a Slam Poet I speak about what moves me, what matters,what is essential. As a Slam Poet I stand up and engage with my body, with nothing to shield me from others. No props, not tools, no back up music..

Slam Poetry – The power of the word

In our world, the Word is monopolised by professionals and we are passive listeners. The media saturate the atmosphere with distracting information. There is no empty space left, not a tiny patch of void where we could even attempt to formulate our own thoughts, let alone express them… Yet, generations of outspoken Rebel Poets have demonstrated how effective the Word can be. So maybe the first step is to regain our ability to speak up & talk back.

As a slam poet, this is what I do.

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