Slam Poetry – Passion – Ecstasy

Hidden in the shadow of Odinn the Norse God of War, we discover another Odinn: he is also called the Spirit. His attributes are the Poetry, the Spirit and the Ecstasy.

The function of Poetry is to allow ordinary men and gods alike to connect with the Spirit.

Oddin the Poet is our connection to the Spirit and he transmits to us his Broad Vision. He lifts us above ordinary reality so we may live in the world of Poetry – Passion – Ecstasy.

Slam Poetry & the oral traditions

Skalds, Poets in the Norse tradition are translators and conveyers of the sacred myths. Poets with other names have the same rôle in India, in Africa and in the end in all cultures…

In our western culture, Slam Poets uphold this tradition.

The role of the Poet is to translate, into a language which everyone can understand, the esoteric knowledge that will allow us to feel at one with the Cosmos. The Poet broadens our vision so we may reach Unity concealed by the multi-coloured curtain of Diversity. Beyond understanding, this poetic language moves us and the information it conveys is transmitted at a sub-conscious level.

Slam Poetry – Ecstasy

Poetry reaches us by triggering our emotions. These emotions are powerful and often violent. There is always a risk involved. Confrontation is a risk. Love is an even bigger risk, Ultimately Poetry and Spirit are a challenge to death: going to Hell and back. In order to gain esoteric knowledge Odinn hangs himself by his feet for nine days and nine nights in Yggdrasil (the scared tree) after bleeding himself with his own sword…

By challenging death Odinn brings himself into a state of ecstasy.

Odinn survives this ordeal and brings back sacred knowledge in the form of the Runes.

Slam Poetry – Passion

In May 1968 the walls of Paris were covered with graffiti, poems, words of wisdom. Here is one of those which stuck in my memory:

Il y a-t’il vraiment une vie avant la mort?

Is there really a life before death?

Our greatest enemy is indifference.

Slam poetry is about experiencing passion.

Slam poetry is about fighting indifference in order keep in touch with everything that makes life worth living.



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