Qi Gong Uebungen

Siberian Qi Gong courses

Given by Antony Hequet – poet composer singer Qi Gong instructor

The course : based on Siberian Qi Gong, the class provides the
participants with tools allowing them to understand the energy points, both
internal and external, which connect the whole structure of the body to its vital energy sources.
Siberian Qi Gong allows you to feel, understand and direct the movement of
energy in your body.

Siberian Qi Gong gives you tools for the auto-regulation of energy.
You will develop better awareness of your posture, learn how to release
excessive tension and improve the flow of your Qi.
What distiguishes the Siberian approach from the traditionnal Chinese one, is that the Siberian approach favours a thorough transmission of theoretical
knowledge. Analysis of energy processes inside and outside the body are
discussed methodically.

“The Siberian approach also distiguishes itself by enacting an ongoing creative process. Instead of favouring the conservation of traditional knowledge as the Chinese tend to do,
Siberians favour a constant renewal of the techniques.
Consequently, these techniques better serve the quest of people as they strive to adapt to their ever
changing environment.„
© 2014 Association „Art de l‘Energie“

Probation course free if you decide
not to persue.
Save the date!
Pro course – 20 euros Every other Saturday afternoon
Package (10 courses) – Special Offer from 3p.m to 5.30p.m
—> – 15 % on the global price at the Funkhaus
Location : Funkhaus Berlin Classes are starting
Nalepastraße 10-50 on the 12th of April 2014
12459 BERLIN

PDF for download: Qi Gong Regular Course

Subscription / Contact :
Sabrina Miraillès – Operations Manager – MünD Production

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