Qi Gong Übungen Practice: The singers path

The singer’s path – Qi Gong Übungen (Practice)

At the age of 25 five I had a very strong experience while singing for a small group of people. This enlightening experience triggered my decision to become a singer. At the time, I had no idea where this path would lead me. Dreaming of becoming rich and famous thru my talent, I was on my way to explore esoteric territories, way beyond the boundaries of my conscious awareness.

QI Gong Übungen (Practice) – Life Energy Cultivation

As an apprentice singer I soon discovered two things:

– it takes a lot more energy to sing than one could ever imagine;

– energy easily can get blocked in different channels when one does not know how to work with energy.

In plain words, I felt weak, frustrated and uptight. I needed to learn how to breathe – I needed to learn how to focus my attention – I needed to learn how to release tension.

Fortunately, I had the kindest teacher in the world. He took me under his wing, believed in my talent, convinced me of my potential and bestowed upon me many a cryptic message. These messages where to be deciphered many years later. I was bewildered and felt I was making no progress; but I kept on going…

At some point I just decided to take myself in hand. I spent hours trying to breathe from my solar plexus and invented techniques to do so. Then I moved my attention down to a place below my navel and learned to breathe from there. I learned to walk while I practised, using the sinuous movements of the body to release tension. The more I cultivated awareness of each energy center, the easier it became to release tension in my jaw and in my throat.

My breath got deeper, my diaphragm became flexible and responsive and my voice became a little bit more free…

I was inventing my own QI Gong ünbungen (practice) without knowing that there was an art of energy cultivation called Qi Gong.

Qi Gong übungen (practice): connecting with the life force

Over periods of thousands of years humans of various cultures have developed methods to enhance the flow of inner vital energy and simultaneously learned how to connect this flow with the life force which is at play everywhere in the Kosmos. Water flowing, trees growing, animals playing or fighting, stars shining, galaxies spinning, everywhere we are given an opportunity to observe and connect with the universal energy pattern: the spiral.

Qi Gong Übungen Practice: life force

Repetition and transformation: the spiral

As soon as Wuji, the state of indifference is set into movement by Tai Ji, the world becomes polarised. The day destroys the night and the night destroys the day, the erotic forces come into play, the planets revolve around the sun, the galaxies form enormous spirals, the chromosomes form a double helix, leaves and trees grow, water flows all forming heiicoïdal patterns… Everywhere we find cycles, patterns of repetition based on polarities: light and darkness, male and female, information and energy… But this cycle of repetition does not simply replicate, it also contains transformation: every new born is an individual, a new combination of known patterns, every leaf has a life to its own, every tree is distinct, every snow flake is different, every cloud has a personality, every love is a new love, every breath is a new breath…

Singing is breathing

Ultimately there is no singing technique. Ultimately Singing is just about being connected with Qi. The first connection with Qi you may cultivate as a singer is the flow of your own breath. The breath feeds the Qi, the breath is one of the most basic manifestation of Qi. Connecting with your own breath is not about doing something, adding something, willing something to happen. If you were not connected with your own breath you would be dead… But how deep is the connection, how fluid, how many obstacles has your upbringing created in the path of your breath. How tall and free do you stand. Have you even ever paid attention to how you stand. Do you know how to avoid tension and let your spine deploy like a tree reaching for the sun…

QI Gong Übungen (Practice) The singer’s path

There are many places to visit along the singer’s path. As you discover the world of energy and information the first obvious place to visit: Qi as breath flowing. You may discover how you stand and how energy flows as a result of how you stand, how energy centres are connected, which centre acts as a lock for another center, and what your education has done to the flow your Qi… The next place you will visit further along the path is the world of intelligence and intention. There are many forms of intelligence: in the mind, in the different parts of the brain, in the different parts of the body, analytical, experiential, static, dynamic, as grim as death, as playful as love…


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