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Qi Gong Übungen – Creativity & Energy

Being creative, producing art works, in particular making music, requires much energy. When confronted with the necessity of achieving  intense energy levels over sustained periods, many artists chose to look to the outside:

  • use various stimulants including alcohol & drugs;
  • use technology to enhance the achieved result or boost their performance.

If you can’t sing on pitch, you can use pitch correction, if your voice is thin you can use processors to create the illusion… If you are uncomfortable in front of your public, you can get stoned to overcome your fear.

Some chose to learn to enhance their energy by turning their attention inside. The need to work with energy is as old as humanity. Therefore, techniques to enhance how we perform have been under development since the beginning of time: Yoga, Shamanism, QI Gong…

These people chose to use Qi Gong Übungen (practise)

qi gong uebungen exercises

Dancing particles

Siberian Qi Gong

Qi Gong happens to be the technique I chose to explore. Curiously, I was working in the spirit of Qi Gong before I knew this approach had a name. Later, I stumbled upon Siberian Qi Gong thru the seminars given by Victor & Marina Zalojnov and my life took a new turn.

Qi Gong & Physics

Qi Gong and other esoteric sources teach us that solid matter is an illusion: everything is made up of energy pulsation, or put in another way, of particles with hardly any mass dancing in spiral patterns to some inaudible beat.
People under the influence of drugs also appear to become sensitive to the presence of these invisible vibrations.
Recent developments in various fields of physics give us a very similar vision of the Universe. Most of the material world is made up of void where specs of matter are dancing, conforming loosely to a given spiral pattern…

qi gong uebungen exercises

suffolk blossom


Qi Gong & Martial Arts

Qi Gong is a discipline born in ancient China. The martial artists of old came to recognise that by cultivating the body solely in an external way (physical muscles) they soon reached boundaries. In their quest to cross these boundaries and extend their martial capacities beyond purely physical limitations, they developed Qi Gong. They searched for ways to apply principles of Taoist philosophy to their martial art and developed esoteric styles based on internal energy: the Qi (Chi). The infamous Tai Chi Chuan, commonly known as Tai Chi is the most propagated of these internal martial art styles. Tai Chi Chuan offers a perfect example of this transmutation of Taoist philosophy into a martial form.

Taoist conception of the universe

In fact, the term Tai Chi refers to a fundamental Taoist concept. Originally the universe was in a perfect state of in-difference or chaos, primordial soup. There was no time, no end and no beginning, neither day nor night, no cycles,  no boundaries… This state is known as Wuji and represented by a circle. In this state of in-differentiation  there are no polarities. Then the Tai Chi spiral movement set things into motion; the manifested world came into being with the Yin and Yang polarities. This state is represented by the Tai Chi circle. In the Tai Chi state, energy is constantly flowing, set into motion by the force of attraction of the polarities. In this dynamic model, energy is constantly transforming form one state into the other. At the extreme development of Yin you find the source of Yang.

qi gong übungen exercises

Wuji to Taiji

Qi Gong – Life energy cultivation

The process of working with the inner energy begins with an awakening of the perception of subtle energy flux inside and outside the body.

As you cultivate your awareness of the energy flow within yourself, you begin to perceive the flow of the energy all around you. The energy of the earth, of the sky, of the water, of the trees can be channelled and made to re-enforce your own. You may also let your energy flow into the surrounding elements and experience  a sense of one-ness. This gives us a sense of why refining our perception of the subtle energy flux allows access to higher realms of awareness and ultimately awaken one’s True Nature.

In the next articles we will look at ways in which artists, musicians, dancers, singers can use Qi Gong Übungen (practise), cultivate their life energy, in order to enhance their artistic expression.

Antony Hequet
poet composer

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