Qi Gong Übungen

Qi Gong Übungen: The Batman Workshop

Qi Gong Übungen: On the 24th and 25 of May 2014 at the Funkhaus Nalepastraße Berlin

A workshop given by Antony Hequet, poet composer singer Qi Gong instructor. This workshop is aimed at dancers who want to sing and singers who want to move, but it is also open to everybody having an interest in the core of the proposition of this workshop.

Qi Gong Übungen Batman Workshop

Contrary to common belief, our perception of space is mostly based on our ears, not on our eyes. Our ears allow us to analyse all the characteristics of a given space in fine detail.
When you release your voice into the space, like a bat, you measure and take possession of it, in a very intimate fashion. From this auditory perspective, you rediscover your sense of being in the space.

We should take note of an important fact: the same parts of the body which serve our sense of hearing also serve our sense of equilibrium. We will listen to the ongoing dialog between equilibrium and dis-equilibrium and discover new ways of staying connected with our center, as we move thru space. We will also discover the energy centers which support the deployment of the voice in space. While exploring these crucial energy centers, we will experience the connexion between the body manifesting itself as movement and the body manifesting itself as sound.

This approach is founded on two sources :
A study of Siberian Qi Gong and a personal exploration of the deployment of the voice over a period of 35 years.
Antony Hequet is a poet singer Qi Gong instructor. Both French and American, he studied music at Cornish Institute Seattle and music technology (engineering – synthesis, physics of sound- at New York University) Currently producing music at Funkhaus Berlin Nalepatraße in Studio H 1-3. 


24 & 25 of May : each day from 11a.m to 5p.m
Fee: 70 – 90 euros 

Location – Funkhaus Nalepatraße Berlin

Contact and subscription
Sabrina Miraillès – Operations manager at MünD Production
+ 49 15 23 43 85 449

Don’t miss this great opportunity for Qi Gong Übungen in Berlin!


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