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Slam Poetry – Passion – Ecstasy

Hidden in the shadow of Odinn the Norse God of War, we discover another Odinn: he is also called the Spirit. His attributes are the Poetry, the Spirit and the Ecstasy.

The function of Poetry is to allow ordinary men and gods alike to connect with the Spirit.

Oddin the Poet is our connection to the Spirit and he transmits to us his Broad Vision. He lifts us above ordinary reality so we may live in the world of Poetry – Passion – Ecstasy. Continue reading

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Qi Gong Übungen

Qi Gong Übungen: The Batman Workshop

Qi Gong Übungen: On the 24th and 25 of May 2014 at the Funkhaus Nalepastraße Berlin

A workshop given by Antony Hequet, poet composer singer Qi Gong instructor. This workshop is aimed at dancers who want to sing and singers who want to move, but it is also open to everybody having an interest in the core of the proposition of this workshop. Continue reading

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slam poetry

Slam Poetry – The Rebel Poet

What does it mean to be a rebel?  To hipsters being a rebel poet has been reduced to a theatrical display: wearing certain clothes, riding a rusty bicycle, going to certain clubs, practising superficial forms of Yoga, smoking, drinking, taking drugs, staying up all night listening to blistering loud elektro. It is also important to litter the world with cigarette buts and empty beer bottles, ride in planes to various foreign destinations as often as possible. Continue reading

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Slam Poetry – The Warrior Poet

“la désuétude de la poésie” Is poetry dead, resting in peace buried in a few dusty books hidden in the back of the library. Were “the last poets” really the last poets? After we had finished shyly mumbling our little poems in high school, were we done with poetry for good? Or could new forms like Slam Poetry re-open a path to the primordial traditions of mankind. Continue reading

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